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The colony moves

Submitted by catmin on 18 April, 2012 - 22:01

Parker was the first cat to move across the road. I saw her sleeping on the old hay bales one morning; the next, I went over there to feed her. I have started feeding her on the bale she used to eat on when it was on the other side of the road. Mama has eaten over there a time or two as well.

Wednesday morning (18), I tried to entice the cats across the road to eat by shaking the food can. Rico came over to see what was happening, but did not eat and went back toward the shed. Smudge and Axel then came over and ate. Eventually, Rico came back and did have some breakfast. I then went over toward the hay bales, and found Parker, who ate and let me take a tick off her heels.

Wednesday dinner I saw Parker by the bales, and Truffles, Smudge, Axel, and Friendly Grey Cat by the old house. When I went to lock the gate to the farm about sunset, Smudge was the first one I saw; Parker, Truffles, Axel, and FGC were also there. Dark Lady came later, and Smudge went to talk to her before she came in. They followed me over to the hay bales (which was good) and tried to follow me out the gate (which was not). I told them to tell Butler to come over there.