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Reaction of the cats

Submitted by catmin on 17 April, 2012 - 17:17

Once the kittens came, the yearling cats were less interested in eating in the shed; some, such as Parker, refused. I tried feeding them in the barn, but things are moving out. They sat on the square bales of hay until the woman who used to own part of our land bought them and took them to her horses. I then tried the round bales in the yard that they like to sit and play on; those then moved across the street. The generator box and the dog barrel were common sitting place for the cats as well until those items were moved (close to the last day). The cattle on that part of the farm caused us to put up a gate that was difficult to open as well. Eventually, they ate on my lap.

The last morning we spent in that house (15), I ate my breakfast in the chair outside the shed after feeding the cats. Axel came up to my lap and wanted to know what I was eating. I tore off a piece of my (plain, frozen whole wheat) waffle and he liked it. I had to give him more than I thought I would.