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Butler and moving

Submitted by catmin on 19 April, 2012 - 22:00

The morning of 8 March, I went out to the shed early, and Butler spent a good deal of time on my lap. I came back in and went out later (about 8:00 am); Parker was sleeping on my lap (Rico was looking for a box for her kittens), but I needed to get the rest of the day started. I asked Butler to jump onto my lap (from the shelf above) so Parker would leave. That afternoon, Rico had kittens, and Parker never returned to the shed; Butler came only rarely, and usually only when it was raining. Thus our yearling shed cats became barn cats. In the barn, I often found Butler sitting on the seat of the tractor. No photos of this are available.

When we moved out of the red house on the 15th of April and I no longer had access to feed them in the shed, Butler was one of the last to make it across the road. I told him we'd have to eat on the other side one evening before we moved out. I saw him on Thursday evening the 19th, but he did not cross the road.