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The Midge-ician made herself disappear

Submitted by catmin on 23 August, 2011 - 13:24

Midge, our undersized 2-year-old cat, does not like thunderstorms and she does not like company. This past Saturday we had both, and after breakfast, it was a long time before we saw her again.

When she didn't come out to try to catch the DVD as it came out of the player, we were a little worried, and we began to look for her. We tried lots of things that often work to get her to come : changing the litter box, shaking the bag of kitty treats, printing a page on the computer printer... none of it worked. We even checked the bushes outside and the crawl space under the house in case she had somehow escaped. I looked in the shed with the other cats to see if she had followed them home. Finally she showed up from wherever she had been. I filled the food bowl all the way before bed instead of halfway.

Kitty was a little worried about her too. On Sunday morning, Kitty had breakfast; he then moved the tray around to get me to fill it for Midge (usually it's empty when he comes to breakfast and moves it so I fill it for him). He kept a close eye on her that day.