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New Kittens

Submitted by catmin on 9 March, 2012 - 11:00

On March 8, I got up earlier than usual to feed the cats their breakfast. Butler sat on my lap for a while, but Parker was not there. I came back a little later, and Parker sat on my lap. Rico, who was pregnant, was looking to get into a box like the one she had been born in. I was eager to return to the house, so I encouraged Butler to jump down onto my lap. He did, and his sister left.

That afternoon, Rico was unable to get into the small box; she had five kittens (four grey, one black) on the red blanket in the middle of the floor. Parker saw the kittens and left immediately. She has not been back in the shed since. I had to start feeding the yearling and teenage cats out on the hay bales.