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Cats and hay bales

Submitted by catmin on 11 February, 2012 - 16:24

This afternoon, we moved some hay bales to just outside the cat shed. The cats were playing on them tonight.

Butler on a hay bale; I think that's Axel between the bales. I'm not sure whose ear is in the lower right.
Butler, Axel, and an ear

Parker on a hay bale

Truffles getting ready to jump to the next bale

Butler looking across the field, away from the camera

The following pictures are either out of focus or saw the cats move during the picture.
Butler looking at the camera
Butler out of focus

Butler on the far bale, Axel on the near bale
Butler and Axel

Parker looking between the bales

Parker approaching the bales

Parker watching someone disappear between the bales
Parker and a tail

They were jumping from one to another to another before I went in to get a camera. They were surprisingly playful for how cold it is here today.