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Cats at the end of April

Submitted by catmin on 3 May, 2012 - 08:27

Parker was a little late for breakfast, and she did not want me to take ticks off her. When I tried, she scratched my hands a little. She eventually went down the hill, and I followed her to give her some breakfast because she hadn't had any. She did not cover up like she would have had she been using a litter box.

After that, I went over to the rocks by the old house. I heard Butler, and was able to bring him across the road to eat. Rico, who had already had some breakfast, came over to join us. It began to rain; I picked up Butler, put him inside my jacket, and took him to the holding pen (where the trough was on its side), and put some food down for him there. Friendly Cat joined him there. When the rain died down, I went over to the hay bales, and he followed me. Butler was more cooperative than his sister with taking ticks off him.

Then it was time for me to go back to the cabin, about three or four tenths of a mile up the road. But Inky wanted to follow me, and Parker was in that part of the woods. I tried picking them up and putting them back across the fence on our farm; they continued to follow me. When we got past the corner of our farm, I decided I would take them back to the cabin. They got there, and I put them in cat carriers and drove them back to the farm. Once they got back to the farm, I fed them a little more. Axel was there to greet them as I opened the carriers on top of the hay bales.

When I saw them later, they were none the worse.

I went back to see them just about sunset, after I had eaten dinner, and after most of them had had theirs. Parker was sitting on the bale in the far corner, cleaning her paws. When I came to see her, she kissed me.

I saw Smudge a couple of times: Once when I was leaving the farm, and the other was on the way back after the last time mentioned above.

Butler has stayed in the area of the hay since. He has found some tall weeds to hide in; he'll talk to me if he hears me and eventually emerge from hiding. Just don't put a kitten next to him -- he doesn't like it.