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Mama Kitty

Submitted by catmin on 1 January, 2013 - 17:45

I just heard that Mama Kitty, one of the matriarchs of the shed cats, died; she also injured her tail this week.

Mama was mother of Truffles, Inky & their sibs, and brought kittens across road to the new farm.

Mama Kitty was one of the two cats that the previous tenant had abandoned when she moved out of the house we rented.

The above was from the original tweets I sent at the time; further remembrance below

She usually had her kittens off in the bushes or under some scrap metal somewhere rather than in the shed; the first time she had kittens in the shed was a week before we had to leave the shed. She was friendly, and may have been a house cat at one time. She had longer hair than her original companion.

I remember one time I parked the car up by the hay on a hot summer day. I left the windows open about 4 inches or so in order to give the hot air a chance to escape without allowing the cats to get in... or so I thought. She climbed onto the roof and worked her way in the opening. I opened one of the back doors; she went to the other side of the back seat. I opened the other back door; she went to the first side, but in the front seat. I went around the car and opened that door as well; she went to the driver's seat. Finally when all four doors were opened she was able to get out of the car.