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As the cats cross the road

Submitted by catmin on 23 April, 2012 - 08:00

Thursday morning (19): Parker and Dark Lady by the hay bales; Mama, Axel, and Inky close to the old house. Still no Juan, Pretty Grey Cat, Blackie (with kittens), or Butler, hélas.

Thursday dinner: Parker; Axel, Inky, Smudge; Dark Lady. Saw Butler by the gate by the old barn, but he didn't come and eat.

Thursday evening, I saw Truffles and Juan cross the road.

Friday morning (20): Parker, Mama by the bales (I showed them they could get out of the rain in a dog carrier); Axel, Inky by the old house.

Friday afternoon: By the old house: Inky, Axel, Smudge, Friendly, Rico, Mama (Pretty Gray watched, but did not cross); by the bales: Inky (she followed me), Parker, Truffles.

Saturday (21): Saw Butler; Pretty Grey cat came across the road.

Sunday 22nd: breakfast: Rico (saw her in the road before I got to the gate), Parker; Truffles, Inky, some others. at dinner, Parker, Truffles, Dark Lady; Smudge, Mama, Rico, Inky, Axel, Friendly, Pretty, and Blackie finally came over. She was walking up the road.

I don't know if it's just that I'm looking more closely, the cats are letting me look more closely, there are more ticks this year, or some combination of those, but I am finding a lot more than usual. They seem to like the space between the toes of a cat. Another unusual place is behind a cat's whiskers. I took ticks off of both sides of Butler's whiskers, and have found some in the whiskers of other cats as well.