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Cat social network

Submitted by catmin on 26 June, 2014 - 11:07 was a place where cats could share stories and pictures and send each other headbonks. Unfortunately, the administrators of that page could not keep up with the demand and the cost.

There are a few possibilites.

Within the Facebook/Facepoop universe...

The survivors could create a secret group or a closed group. There are no fees associated with either. Only members would be able to post; with secret groups, only members would be able to see the posts.

We could create a new page on the web on a new domain. There are no restrictions on the Austrian .at domain, so we could create a page at or ; I have found a host that would let me use both for about $120 per year (71 quid, 85 euros) and have a system where every user could have a blog. Membership in this page would only require an email address.