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Butler's photo album

Submitted by catmin on 15 February, 2013 - 20:25

These are the pictures of Butler. Many of these have been seen in Facebook, but not here. They have been reduced to about 400x300 pixels to save space.

Butler in the shed.
in the shed

The cats waiting for dinner. Butler is at the far right.
waiting for dinner

Butler on the hay bale.
hay bale

Butler on the hay bale, with his nephew Axel in between. I am not sure whose ear is in the lower right hand corner.
Butler, Axel, and an ear

Butler hiding in the grass.
hiding in grass

Butler in his favorite box in the shed. That's his sister Parker's tail at the top.
in his box

On my lap
on my lap

Looking back into the shed
looking into the shed

Butler on my back as I bent down to take pictures of the kittens.
on my back

Just Butler....
just Butler

... and here he is with his niece Little Blackie, who was about 10 days younger than he was.
Butler and Little Blackie

Butler on my lap early one summer morning after breakfast.
Butler on my lap

Butler sharing my lap with Parker after breakfast.
Butler and Parker

The following images were not in the original posting.

The ornament for Butler at the Pet Memorial Service

Butler sitting on a board in the area next to the shed
on a board