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Butler's obit

Submitted by catmin on 8 June, 2012 - 19:00

Butler and his sister Dark Lady showed up after dinner Wednesday night. He was still moving slowly. I put him where I knew he would be safe from predators and from getting lost last night. This morning, he was able to find the water and drink some, but eating was too much. I could feel him purring as he sat on my lap after I picked him up.

Thursday evening he came up to the water (or maybe I helped; I forget). He was having trouble drinking, so he turned his head sideways. Some of the Fancy Feast came out into the water. I let him sit there while the other cats ate. I let his sister Parker have a little bit of the canned food.

Friday morning I went to check on him while the other cats were eating; he was stiff and cold. I put him out in a sunny spot for a little bit; when I came back and stroked his head, it was warm but lifeless. After deciding where to put him, I started digging. But I needed gloves, loppers to cut through the tree roots, and boots to help drive the shovel. I put him in an old 100% cotton pillowcase with holes, and when the hole appeared deep enough, I put him in.

Ten of the eleven cats presumed living showed up for dinner last night, although Truffles and Dark Lady were late. Parker came to the hay bales after dinner. Everyone was there this morning; that's the first time everyone has been there waiting since before the kittens were born three months ago.

I will say that he went off before I visited Champaign in mid-to-late May. I did not know if I would see him again; while I was in Illinois, I dreamt I saw him sitting with Sandy cat (1983-2004). I returned to the Missouri farm, and so did he.

19 March 2011 - 8 June 2012