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Butler -- End of April

Submitted by catmin on 26 April, 2012 - 22:00

On April 26th, I was a little late and did not see Parker that morning. Mama came up along the road and walked back to the gate with me. Rico wanted some water. I took ticks off of Rico's ear and Truffles's whiskers.

This evening, again I was late and missed Parker. Truffles, Friendly, and Axel were there; Inky was too. Inky had a tick on her chest, and I did not have any tweezers. I brought a chair so I could sit down and pet them by the hay bales. I heard a cat calling from the woods; it sounded a little like Butler. I went to the bale closest to where this cat was and talked to him. If you know my voice, you can come out of the woods and I'll feed you. Lots of the other pretty cats come here to eat. I shook the can of food and poured some into its lid. He didn't come out. I went and filled the other water dish; he still didn't come.

I went over to where I feed the cats close to the old house; Pretty Grey Cat was there and had something in her ear. She ate, but would not let me get it out. I went back to the hay bales, then went down by the trailer and the construction site. Truffles and Friendly followed me down the hill. Friendly walked under the trailer; both let me pick them up (including both at the same time).

When I got up the hill, Butler was sitting on an old hay bale inside the electric fence. I turned it off, opened part of the gate (top wire only), and went inside. I poured him the rest of the food. He wasn't sure at first, but then he ate it and let me pick him up (and purred softly while I was holding him). He was a little upset; the new people evidently aren't feeding him as well as I usually did (I fed them maybe too much; they still went and hunted). I spent more time with him than I thought I would; it was just so good to see him.